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Editor’s Corner: Building on Success


Welcome to another informative issue of Retail News Insider. First, I’d like to introduce myself as your new editor. After five years as the Editorial Director of Retail News Insider, Kelly Short is embarking on new opportunities and we wish her much success in her new venture. She helped to establish this publication as the valuable resource it has become for retailers, CPGs and associates alike, and I look forward to building on the great foundation we have today.

In keeping with previous issues, we’re continuing to shine a spotlight on the growing role of technology in retail and its true impact on the shopping experience in this month’s Market Watch feature. Our team investigates whether retailer apps are really all they’re hyped to be. It’s an interesting paradox. While our latest Retail Perceptions report shows that over 75 percent of shoppers who download a retailer’s app will use it while they are in the retailer’s store, other studies reveal that getting shoppers to download those apps in the first place can present quite the challenge. Our Market Watch feature offers many interesting insights on apps and their usage that I hope you’ll find valuable and enlightening.

This month’s issue is filled with news you can use. Learn how in-store events boost back-to-school sales in our Essentials to Engagement feature; get a look at SAS Retail’s latest in-store execution program; discover the growing role of convenience meals in the Asian grocery market, and more. I learned a lot—and I hope you do, too!

All the best,

Angelica Martinez