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Editor’s Corner: Always Innovating


Innovation is a common theme in retail and in the many articles Retail News Insider presents each month. That’s because retailers and CPGs constantly have to come up with new products, services and solutions to adapt to changing trends, consumer preferences and sentiments and the economic environment.

In this month’s Market Watch feature, you’ll learn how innovative retailers are starting to use the Internet of Things to connect with today’s “always on” consumers in new and more personalized ways. If you have no idea what the Internet of Things is, don’t worry. We explain exactly what it is, how it works and how retailers and CPGs expect to benefit from this growing method of connecting with consumers.

The theme of innovation continues as we take a look at how CPGs are launching new sprouted grain cereals, breads and other dry good staples to help fight back against the recent “bad carb backlash” in our Trending Tastes column. We also get insights on how Sales Advisors can step up their selling game in our From the Front Lines feature, and see how Interactions is helping retailers and CPGs get the consumer insights they need to stay current in our Knowledge Portal article.

I hope you find the articles in this issue both informative and engaging.

All the best,

Angelica Martinez