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Knowledge Portal: Big or Small, Interactions’ Shopper Intercept Surveys Can Do It All!

sept-2015-knowledge-compIt’s no secret that the best way to know what shoppers really think of your store, service or product is to ask them directly. But gathering impressions from the widest range of consumers can be tricky. Many survey techniques tend to attract consumers who are the most—or least—happy with a particular product or service, potentially skewing the results. Enter Interactions’ Shopper Intercept Surveys. Using wireless tablets, Interactions’ trained interviewers can connect with consumers where they live, work and play—getting feedback from a wide cross-section of current, past and potential shoppers.

“One of the great things about Interactions’ Intercept Surveys is that they’re highly scalable,” explains Chris Smith, Account Executive for Interactions. “We’ve worked with a range of retailers and companies doing surveys that target anywhere from 1 store or community location to 100 or more.”

This flexibility extends throughout Interactions’ Intercept Survey program, from survey design to reporting. Many clients choose to go full service, relying on Interactions’ expertise to build their program from the ground up. For example, Interactions recently helped a national women’s clothing retailer develop and execute a customized Shopper Intercept Survey from start to finish. Interactions’ staff developed survey questions to help the retailer better understand consumers’ opinions of its brand and stores, collected responses from shoppers inside the retailer’s stores, and delivered an expert analysis of the final results.

sept-2015-knowledge-comp3But if clients only need some parts of Interactions’ survey capabilities, Interactions is happy to deliver just those pieces. For example, a global research consultancy Interactions recently worked with needed help executing a survey it had designed as part of a larger research project. Using its nationwide database of trained interviewers, Interactions rolled the consultancy’s survey out to the masses, bringing the tablet-based survey to a range of events and retail locations identified by the client. Near real-time data was delivered back to the consultancy, which chose to perform its own analysis.
No matter how involved a program is or its size, every Interactions’ Intercept Survey client receives nearly instant access to their data via the company’s proprietary RetalLogic™ reporting system. “This is what really sets us apart,” explains Smith. sept-2015-knowledge-comp2“There are still a lot of companies out there that are collecting data via paper surveys,” which can take weeks or months to deliver final results. Interactions’ tablet-based Intercept Surveys can start delivering feedback right away. When trying to understand the why—or why not—behind the buy, that can make a significant difference in being able to make timely changes to impact consumers’ perceptions—and the bottom line.

To learn more about Interactions’ Shopper Intercept Surveys and other consumer insights capabilities, contact Ryan Dee, Business Development and Creative Senior Account Executive at