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Upping Your Game


Jeanette Folliett
Field Trainer

As a former Sales Advisor and Lead, Field Trainer Jeanette Folliett knows what it takes to engage shoppers at in-store demonstration events. This month, she shares the strategies she’s now teaching Sales Advisors to help step up their game.

“One of the things I always tell my Sales Advisors is that you can’t just wait for shoppers to come up to your cart. You have to get people’s attention in order to get them to try your product,” says Folliett. “Some Sales Advisors are little more shy, but I try to encourage them to come out of their shell. Pretend you’re an actor on a stage. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Every customer that walks past you is a potential customer for your product.”

Folliett also encourages Sales Advisors to get familiar with their product and any recipes they may be using before hitting the sales floor. “You want to be as helpful as you can. Having a recipe available is always good if you’re making a dish to sample because shoppers want to know how to make it when they get home.”

For shoppers who don’t seem interested at first, Folliett suggests Sales Advisors try upping the fun factor. “When I’m working an event, I sometimes do silly things like dance a little behind my cart or joke with customers that they’re really going to be missing these yummy cookies when they’re sitting on the couch tonight if they don’t buy them now. When you get people to smile and laugh, you draw them over.”