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Editor’s Corner: In-Store or Online, Consumers Focus on the Experience


We talk a lot about technology in Retail News Insider, which might give some the impression that digital trumps physical. But that’s not always the case—as articles in this issue, along with our latest Retail Perceptions report, prove otherwise!

The fact of the matter is, consumers love a good shopping experience—whether it’s in-store or online. As you’ll learn in this month’s Market Watch article, the reinvention of the shopper’s experience is precisely what several experts say is helping brick-and-mortar retailers thrive today. The same experts also predict that many of the trends we’ll see in the retail stores of the future will center on the consumer experience.

In a similar vein, our upcoming Retail Perceptions survey on holiday shopping reveals that good customer service ranks high on consumers’ list of reasons to choose one retailer over another. Interestingly, when it comes to snatching up deals on Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday, the latter wins by a narrow margin—51 percent of shoppers saying they’ll shop Cyber Monday, as opposed to only 46 percent on Black Friday. But it’s not because shoppers prefer the online convenience more. Most of those who avoid Black Friday (76 percent), say they do so because they dislike the crowds. In other words, it’s about their experience.

In this month’s issue you will also learn what retailers around the globe are doing to improve their shoppers’ experience, get tips on in-store selling and more.

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Angelica Martinez