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Create a Thanksgiving to Remember


Thanksgiving is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the U.S., kicking off the official start of the winter holiday season. For many consumers, Thanksgiving is more than just a single meal or even a day of celebrating. The long weekend often encompasses family meals, football games, road trips and holiday shopping. Sales Advisors can use in-store events throughout the month of November to help shoppers think beyond the turkey and plan for the full range of Thanksgiving weekend plans.Leftovers

One of the best ways Sales Advisors can draw customers in is by showing how products
on their carts can help shoppers prepare for Thanksgiving festivities. For example, a Sales Advisor demonstrating cleaning wipes could show shoppers how easy they make cleaning up the kitchen before guests arrive. Sales Advisors can also share ideas for turning the foods they’re sampling into simple breakfasts that won’t take up precious oven space, or show how they can serve a dual purpose as delicious and fun holiday decorations for the holiday table. Think overnight oats or Pilgrim hats made from cookies and marshmallows.

Sales Advisors can also help shoppers prepare for their holiday road trips. According to AAA, over 40 million people will travel by car Thanksgiving weekend. To help shoppers avoid fast food lines, Sales Advisors can point out how the items they’re sampling can work well as meals and snacks on-the-go. For example, lunch meats or peanut butter and jelly wrapped in tortillas make great one-handed sandwiches. Nuts, cereals, dried fruits and pureed fruit pouches all make healthy snacks.

Many of the items Sales Advisors will be sampling this month can also be incorporated into ideas for using up holiday leftovers. For example, noodles, cheese or canned broth could be paired with a recipe for leftover turkey tetrazzini. There are so many possibilities; it’s easy for Sales Advisors to help make shoppers’ lives easier and their holidays memorable.