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Create an Inviting Experience


Carolyn Adams
Sales Advisor

For Sales Advisor Carolyn Adams, successful in-store demonstration events are all about creating a good experience for shoppers.

“I love greeting customers with a big smile and lots of eye contact,” says the 12-year veteran Sales Advisor. “I call out to them with a warm ‘Hi, how are you today? Come on over and have a taste!’ to encourage them to come to my cart. I don’t push the sale at first. Instead, I take a softer approach to get the shopper interested.”

As shoppers try what Adams has to offer, she tells them more about the benefits and how the item can help them. “I try to acknowledge everyone’s busy lives. For example, I’ll say to a parent, ‘I know you’re busy with the kids. This product lets you give them a taste of something different and is also easy to send with them to school or have as a snack in the car.’ I think everyone likes to have the value of their time acknowledged and appreciated.”

Adams also places great importance on having the product available for shoppers to take with them. “Customers will buy the product if it’s available for them,” she says. “But if it’s not on your cart, they won’t necessarily go down another aisle to look for it. They’re so busy that searching for an item is more than they want to do. They just want to get their shopping done. I’m there to help make that go more smoothly.”