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Executive Perspectives: From the President


Bharat Rupani

During this time of year you see lists and rankings for everything from shopping trends to the latest technologies. Even in this very publication our experts weigh in this month on the trends we can expect next year.

Over the past several weeks our teams have been especially busy as they are deep in the RFP (Request for Proposal) process with retailers and brands. Essentially, an RFP answers the question: Why should we (the retailer or brand) choose Interactions or SAS? Our teams expertly inform retailers and brands on how our capabilities, execution and technology can be leveraged for their success. Additionally, here’s my take on that answer—and in keeping with the season—it’s in a top 5 list.

1. People

Our people are everything to us. We wouldn’t have a successful business, or a business at all without them. From our back office functions like Finance, Human Resources and Marketing, to our operators and our Sales Advisors on the front line, we have thousands of reasons to love working here and for retailers and brands to do business with us. Our volume (40,000+ full- and part-time associates) and our reach within Retail Services alone (10 countries) may be impressive, but it’s the individuals that matter most.

2. Results

We wouldn’t be here and have the opportunity to work with amazing retailers and brands if we couldn’t produce results. We know that budgets are tight and margins are slim and that it’s crucial to customize a plan to fit our clients’ unique needs. We are not about cookie-cutter solutions. The way to results, and happy clients, is through listening to our partners and delivering beyond expectations.

3. Flexibility

A regional merchandise reset? Sure. A national product launch? Got it. A series of Grand Openings that span multiple countries? In a word, yes. Not only can we adapt our business model to fit any project size and scope, but we already have experience in all of these efforts. So our clients get an experienced team delivering fresh concepts on their budget and timeframe.

4. Relationships

I believe that within the most successful business partnerships live the best relationships. We’re not a faceless company. We’re on the ground, in our clients’ stores and right by their side. Their success is our success and we strive to be the partner that our clients know and trust.

5. Feedback

Believe it or not, we love feedback and we think it makes us better and stronger at our jobs. I’m not referring to positive criticism either; what we thrive on is real, honest feedback, so we know exactly what our clients think and how we can improve. Don’t be surprised to hear anyone in our company ask, “Do you have any feedback for me?” We ask because we want to know and we value our partners’ opinions. And if we are not asking, please tell us anyway!

To our associates, thank you for all that you do; and for our partners, thank you for trusting our company with your business. Have a great holiday season.

All my best,

Bharat Rupani
President Retail Services