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Knowledge Portal: From Concept to Execution—Interactions Helps Brands Bring Excitement Back to Shopping

knowlegePortalImageVeggie burgers and football—it’s not exactly the typical tailgate lineup you’d expect. But as the series of events Interactions Marketing recently executed for MorningStar Farms proved, it turns out to be a great match—one even meat lovers are eager to try.

Last fall, Interactions teamed up with MorningStar Farms and Ahold USA to produce a series of outdoor events designed to raise awareness of the MorningStar Farms brand and connect with consumers on a more grassroots level. Calling on its suite of creative and operations experts, Interactions led the ideation, planning and execution of 15 high-energy, tailgate-themed events at Ahold grocery stores across the Northeast.

“We originally proposed a backyard picnic-themed event, but as the plans started to come together and it was clear the events would take place in the fall, we suggested taking advantage of the football/tailgate theme,” explains Jen Rose, Interactions Account Executive. “Our creative team developed the full concept and branding.”

“A big part of what sets Interactions apart from other marketing agencies is that our creative team really does understand creative ideation and branding,” says David Silva, Creative Services Manager. “We understand how to develop something original while staying within the brand guidelines of our clients. In this case, MorningStar Farms gave us amazing photography and we created outdoor events that mimicked the look and feel of a real tailgating event, while also promoting the product and brand. The final result was completely in line with MorningStar Farms’ established branding, but also completely unique to these events.”

“The final execution was a true delight for shoppers—and totally unexpected,” adds Rose. “Shoppers were drawn in by the 14-foot branded flags and the inviting smell from the grill. We also added an element of fun for families with cornhole games and prizes, such as gift cards and branded mini footballs.”

“We completely transformed the parking lot into a football field,” agrees Silva. “The fact that you have that kind of setup—you expect something like beef or chicken wings, then you find spicy black bean burgers. That furthered the undercurrent of surprise and made shoppers see the product in a whole new way.”

“Our goal with every event is to create a meaningful experience for shoppers that will help them connect with the product and understand how they can incorporate it into their everyday lives,” says Rose. “This engagement builds on the brand’s affinity and ultimately drives sales.”

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