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Share the Love of Valentine’s Day


Americans are spending more than ever on Valentine’s Day—over $140 each, according to the National Retail Federation. While traditionally considered a holiday for sweethearts, Valentine’s Day is now a family affair, with many consumers also buying for children, teachers and even pets. Sales Advisors are in the perfect position to help consumers show their love through unique Valentine’s Day gifts.

As Lauren Smith, Account Executive for Interactions, explains, Sales Advisors have a great advantage in offering Valentine’s Day and other gift ideas. “Experiential marketing events like in-store demonstrations evoke emotions for consumers. Not only do they get to experience the product hands-on, they also get to build a relationship with the Sales Advisor.”

Some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts can come with pairing unique items that are being sampled, such as wine, beer, ice cream or pastries, with more traditional gift items found in another area of the store. Sales Advisors can also offer ideas for creating theme gift baskets that incorporate products on their cart, like “breakfast in bed” (filled with pancake mix, syrup and other morning favorites) or “picnic in the park” (with crackers, cheese and bakery-fresh bread).

For those looking to cook a special meal for their loved one, Sales Advisors can provide recipes and meal ideas using the ingredients they are sampling that day.

Special meals are also a great Valentine’s gift idea for children. Sales Advisors can suggest parents or grandparents use the cookie, biscuit or pancake mix they are sampling to make heart-shaped treats for the little ones in their lives. They can also point out how the healthy snacks they are sampling, such as juice boxes, granola bars, fruit snacks or nuts, would make great additions to little ones’ lunchboxes—and are a healthier (and thoughtful) option over candy.

Sales Advisors can also help highlight useful and unique gifts for coworkers, teachers and friends consumers may be shopping for. For example, the luxurious lotion, gourmet coffee or snack-size packs of favorite treats a Sales Advisor is sampling could all make thoughtful tokens of appreciation.