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Editor’s Corner: Building Trust


In many Retail News Insider articles, we focus on how retailers and their teams can engage consumers to provide a memorable shopping experience. So much goes into creating a good experience for today’s savvy shoppers—from the interactions consumers have with associates to the technology that supports those experiences. As several articles in this month’s issue remind us, retailers must maintain a foundation of trust with their consumers or they may never have a chance to deliver the shopping experience consumers have come to expect.

Our Market Watch feature, the first in a three-part series on the cost of crime in retail, highlights the important aspects of building and maintaining customers’ trust and investigates what happens when retailers get hacked. As you’ll read, financial losses aren’t the only consequence—consumer trust can take a major hit, ultimately leading to further losses. Fortunately, there are ways retailers can protect themselves and regain consumer trust if a breach occurs. Flip to page 6 to read more.

In our Essentials to Engagement column, we learn how Sales Advisors also play a role in building consumer trust and relationships. Not only can Sales Advisors help foster trust, their sales numbers can benefit from these efforts through repeat interactions.

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