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Getting Social Media Savvy with Alison Clancy

Alison Clancy Communications Manager

Alison Clancy
Communications Manager

From Facebook and Snapchat to Instagram and LinkedIn, it’s clear that social media continues to play an ever greater role in consumers’ daily lives. We sat down with Alison Clancy, Communications Manager and Interactions’ resident social media expert, to learn more about the impact of social channels—and how retailers and brands can put it to work for them.

RNI: Why is social media engagement valuable for businesses?

AC: Social media builds brand presence, spreads awareness, strengthens SEO [search engine optimization] and most importantly provides a direct line to customers and feedback, which can help a company improve and achieve business goals.

RNI: Can social media be used to enhance experiential marketing campaigns?

Absolutely. At Interactions, we offer our clients assistance with social media monitoring and content creation. For example, for the Advance Auto Parts mobile tour, we manage an Instagram account (@TuxleeOnTour) that belongs to the canine mascot of the tour. Every day, we post pictures of Tuxlee meeting fans, test driving cars, mingling with racers and promoting Advance’s Speed Perks rewards program. It gives consumers a peek into the tour, even if they can’t be there, and creates a buzz around each new stop. We also respond to and share content from fans who have met Tuxlee. This creates a really strong customer relationship that they’ll remember next time they’re in an Advance Auto Parts store.

RNI: What are the best social media platforms to use? 

AC: Each social platform is its own universe. The audience that chooses to spend time engaging on one platform might be completely different from the audience that chooses to hang out on another. When you’re looking at social channels to use, especially for business, make your decision based on what your goals are and who you’re trying to speak to. It really helps to know your customer well, and then figure out where they hang out online.

RNI: What are your top Dos and Don’ts for social media campaigns?

expertPic2AC: DO be human and speak like one online.

DO engage with and delight your community.

DO think outside the box when it comes to content.

DON’T be afraid to be transparent.

DON’T always “sell” or focus on being self-promotional.

DON’T be scared of negative community feedback—use it to make your company or product even better!