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Developing Enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors

“Create a great day on purpose”—that’s Event Manager Elizabeth Jones Johnson’s motto for work, and life. Jones Johnson supervises a busy team of Sales Advisors and is known for both her engaging personality and her ability to develop dynamic brand ambassadors—no matter what they’re selling.

Jones Johnson says her success, and her team’s, ultimately comes down to attitude. “The thing I emphasize the most is that you have treat everyone the way that you want to be treated,” she says. “You also have to start each day with a drive and passion for what you do. I try to set the stage by creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement.”

As part of that, every day before her team hits the sales floor, Jones Johnson reminds them to have fun. And she follows up with them throughout the day, providing encouragement, high-fives and hands-on help, when needed. “If someone is struggling, I’ll get in there and work alongside them—praising them for the things they’re doing well and modeling other ways they can engage with shoppers,” she says. She also role-plays with Sales Advisors so they can practice their approach and get feedback.

frontPicOne strategy Jones Johnson says her team has found especially effective is seeking out shoppers and inviting them over, not only with their voice but also an inviting wave. She also encourages her Sales Advisors to keep talking about the product, how good it is and ways to use it—whether there’s a shopper there or not.

Even when a Sales Advisor is struggling, she encourages them not to give up and reminds them of the successes they are having, no matter how small. “I tell them not to give up,” she says. “Tomorrow is a new day and an opportunity to improve.”