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Knowledge Portal: Putting a Twist on Tradition

Planning for Q4 Success Starts Now!

knowledgePic3Banking on the usual increased traffic from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah shoppers to bump your sales in Q4? Join the crowd. What if there was a way to set yourself apart and not only increase your sales beyond “the usual,” but also give consumers an unexpected experience they’ll remember for the long haul? That’s where consumer engagement events come in.

“If you’re just going to hand out circulars or run Black Friday sales, then you’re just like everyone else,” says Ryan James Dee, Creative Director for Interactions. “But if you want to stand out and make the fourth quarter even more successful, it behooves you to give consumers the experience they are craving by engaging with them in-store and out-of-store.”

“Most retailers and brands already know what products they’re planning to showcase for the holidays, so now is the time to start planning how to highlight those products in new and unique ways,” adds David Silva, Interactions’ Creative Services Manager.

knowledgePic1Both Dee and Silva agree that taking a fresh approach to established holidays doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel—or veering too far from what consumers have come to expect. Instead, they say that putting a new twist on traditional favorites is a great way to differentiate from the competition.

“Global food trends are so hot right now, they’re an ideal source of inspiration,” says Dee. “For example, instead of the usual stuffing and turkey for Thanksgiving, you could showcase a Korean spiced stuffing or a Cuban turkey sandwich.”

Showing shoppers how to prepare traditional favorites in a few different ways through a flight of tastings is another elegant, yet low-cost solution for standing out. “You could even create a sort of ‘flavor lab’ to let customers create their own unique combinations,” suggests Dee. “Any time you create an interactive experience like that, it’s something customers remember.”

knowledgePic2Another tactic that gets consumers attention: events that take place outside of the store. Pop-up shops, mobile tours and street team events allow retailers and brands to engage with the community where they live, work and play. “These types of events create a lasting impression, and boost brand-affinity and loyalty,” says Dee.

Whether you’re looking to drive traffic, capture a new target audience, boost loyalty or just do something different, now is the time to start planning! “Even if a client isn’t sure where to start, we can help,” says Silva. “Our team at Interactions is a creative resource for any retailer—and we’re ready to collaborate!”


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