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Supply Solutions: Delivering the WOW Factor

supplypicDaymon Helps Retailers Create and Optimize Seasonal Programs

We’ve all seen it before—that one aisle or section of the store that gets transformed with each new holiday or season. Depending on the retailer and the occasion, these transformations can range from a few shelves of candy and holiday-themed paper goods to a complete holiday experience. Picture a full Fourth of July-themed backyard barbecue in-store, complete with patio chairs, grills, coolers, festive yard decorations and more. No matter the size or scope, the goal is always to improve the consumer experience—something Daymon is helping retailers deliver on and exceed shoppers’ expectations.

According to Michelle Riley, Director of Product Development and Marketing for Daymon, the process of helping retailers decide how to incorporate seasonal merchandise trends into their stores—and what products to showcase—starts long before items hit the shelves. “We usually start planning a year or more ahead of time,” says Riley. “For example, this month we’ll be presenting summer merchandising ideas for 2018 to our retailer partners.”

Like so many things in retail, the latest trends serve as the starting point. “We use our STEIP drivers (social, technology, economic, industry and political info drivers of change) as well as intelligence from our strategic partners to identify the trends most relevant to our retailer partner. We compare those trends to our in-depth market analysis, and our analysis of our retailers’ target shoppers and reputation for innovation. This allows us to weight the trends, determining which will have the greatest impact for a retailer,” explains Riley.

To determine which types of merchandise to recommend to a retailer, the Daymon team evaluates existing programs, opportunity gaps and areas for possible cross-category promotion. From there, Daymon’s dedicated design team develops a variety of concepts to bring the chosen trends to life for the retailer.

Once the retailer decides which design concepts and merchandise to pursue, Daymon identifies suppliers who can customize and deliver samples of the products for the retailer to approve. This process typically takes a couple of months, with much of the merchandise being produced internationally. When the samples are ready, Daymon puts together an immersive display to help the retailer visualize the “wow factor” the merchandise will add to its stores.

Upon final approval, full production begins, with Daymon coordinating the manufacture and delivery of merchandise from suppliers to the retailer. Once the products, signage and other design elements hit the shelves, the full vision is complete—creating an immersive experience for shoppers and furthering their perception of the retailer as a full-service destination.

To learn more about seasonal merchandising trends or partnering with Daymon Global Sourcing Solutions, contact Michelle Riley at