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From Jim’s Desk: A Letter from the CEO


Jim Holbrook
Chief Executive Officer

Staying Relevant in Today’s Rapidly Changing Retail Environment

In today’s retail environment, shoppers have more than enough options for how they spend their hard-earned money. Technology has blurred the lines and made it possible for consumers to get on-demand goods and services unlike ever before.

This high-tech world we live in won’t change, and the pace is only going to grow faster. The question we have to ask ourselves—for the retail partners and brands we work with, as well as for the general consumer—is whether faster equals better.

At Daymon, we live and breathe all aspects of retail. Everything from developing a brand’s strategy and sourcing its supply, to packaging design and then building consumer awareness through experiences. We study consumer behaviors and analytics to help us understand what customers demand—not just what the industry thinks they need.

What we have learned is that while convenience, innovative services and products drive sales, customers are ultimately moved to make purchases when they feel that someone understands them. That may be achieved through engagement between an associate and a customer; or for today’s socially aware consumer, it may be done through packaging that clearly states what a product consists of and where it was sourced.

This human element to doing business in retail sounds basic, but it can easily get lost in the high-tech shuffle. It doesn’t have to be that way. In the pursuit of advancement, we can tie in the human elements to our business through the people and experts we work with.

At the core of Daymon is putting ourselves in the place of our clients and understanding what services will help their business grow, as well as engaging consumers in meaningful ways that build loyalty and drive sales. We couple our human approach with our experience in retail to build customized services that drive business, and we have made some very exciting partnerships where we can see this approach grow.

We hope you enjoy this issue—and please let us know how we can better serve you.

All the best,

Jim Holbrook
Chief Executive Officer