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Meet the Expert: Driving Strategy in Private Brands

meetExpPicCreating private brand strategy is only the beginning when it comes to private brand development. Aimee Becker, Vice President of Strategic Services for Daymon believes execution makes all the difference. Becker, who has spent seven years with Daymon in various roles including marketing, agency account management and brand strategy, had previously worked in developing private brand beauty programs for nationwide retailers. In that time, she says one thing has become clear: “You could have the best brand strategy, but if you can’t execute quickly and meaningfully across categories, it doesn’t matter.

In her latest role, Becker helps Daymon’s partners deliver on that by leveraging Daymon’s brand strategy, category solutions and design capabilities in a cohesive and defined manner to set their brands apart as a point of differentiation.

“We play the connection between brand, category and visual execution,” she explains. “In order to compete in today’s retail environment, you need to have a clearly articulated brand strategy, an understanding of how that applies across categories, and then the ability to parlay that across the product and packaging design.”

Though retailers and brands may think they already have such strategies in place, Becker warns that, “the retail environment is rapidly changing, categories are blurring, and if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll quickly find yourself irrelevant.” To stay on top of these changes, Becker and her team recommend cohesive, measureable and flexible plans that provide the ability to adjust to the ever-evolving market. “It’s not just about having a plan for what you need to do over the next five years, but also about knowing what’s going on at any time in order to be able to flex that plan.”

“Our goal is to help our partners stay ahead of the curve,” Becker continues. “Everything is becoming much broader and so much more consumer-driven. We’re focused on helping our partners understand and leverage these changes in order to develop their brands into a point of differentiation and a reason for consumers to shop their store versus their competition.”