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Branding and Package Design: Innovations in Convenience and Sustainability

april-2017-branding-featurePackaging for the Consumer

A customer stands in the frozen food aisle staring at broccoli and corn. Without loyalty or preference for any one item, he needs to choose. Brand perception will likely play a big role in his decision. Chances are good the packaging itself will, too.

More and more, consumers are looking for products that fit their lifestyle—and the packaging can go a long way to meet those needs, explains Sean Glynn, Senior Packaging Manager for Daymon. As people’s lives get busier and more eating occasions happen on-the-go, consumers are demanding ever greater convenience in packaging. “As a result, we’re seeing an increase in innovative options like pouches that can go from the freezer to the microwave, and then act as a bowl or tray for serving,” says Glynn.

The rise of snacking around the globe (with over 90 percent of consumers saying they eat a snack at least once a day, according to survey firm Nielsen) is also driving an increased use of single-serve and re-sealable pouch designs. “Pouches are the big innovation right now because you can really make them in any size and put almost any kind of food in them, whether it’s shelf-stable, refrigerated or frozen,” says Glynn.

Having played a role in what’s inside products for several years now, consumers’ and retailers’ growing interest in sustainability is also beginning to affect packaging decisions. Glynn points to a project Daymon is working on for a private brand client. “We’re working on a more sustainable option for their frozen fruit packaging,” he explains. “We’ve just identified a new type of film that’s thinner than what the retailer is using now, but just as strong.”

april-2017-branding-img2The new film could help reduce the thickness of the retailer’s packaging by 20 to 50 percent, meaning less raw materials used and less weight to transport and ship. Plus, unlike many plastic film packaging today, the material is recyclable, similar to plastic shopping bags.

For retailers and brands who wonder just how big a difference a change in packaging can make, Glynn reminds us, “The package is really the final chance to market your product and make a lasting impression. If you can deliver something that’s different or that speaks to a consumers’ need, that’s going to stand out.” And ultimately, having a product that stands out to shoppers increases the odds of having a product that ends up in shoppers’ carts.

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