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Retail Execution: Technology Advancements Drive Merchandising Efficiency and Results

Advancements in technology are everywhere in retail—including merchandising, where they’re increasingly being used to drive efficiencies and precision. SAS Retail Services (SAS), the in-store execution arm of Daymon, has always been on the leading edge of using technology to deliver real-time merchandising updates and insights. But now the company is taking it to the next level, leveraging the latest advancements in mobile, programming and analytics to better serve our retailer and supplier partners.


Starting in late 2016, SAS began rolling out its new proprietary technology platform, RetailLogic, to its existing in-store execution and merchandising programs based at retailers across the country. The system offers a host of new features and benefits designed specifically with its partners’ needs in mind.

“This system has been built to include all the features that support our client’s needs,” explains Matt Rank, Vice President of IT for SAS. “RetailLogic is much faster and the advanced programming has been designed to reduce overall system errors. The new analytics platform takes advantage of the speed in collecting data and improves the reporting back to our partners, which ultimately provides them with better visibility to store activities.”

Thanks to the improved analytics capabilities, SAS is able to help retailers determine the best timing for category resets, store remodels and other merchandising projects—and predicting with a high level of accuracy how long those activities will take. The new system is also helping drive efficiencies in planogram writing and execution. By analyzing data from previous resets, product launches and new item cut-ins, SAS can help retailers determine the best reset solution—for example, to do a full reset to introduce a new item or to simply move a few items around to accommodate the new product.

Merchandisers in the field are also benefiting from the new system—particularly from the increased speed and ease of use of the new platform, as well as the new tablets the system operates on. The tablets have larger, higher-resolution screens and faster processors, allowing for higher quality content, enhanced photo capabilities and wireless connectivity. This is combined with a host of new platform benefits, including improved survey functions, trackable key performance indicators and operational alerts.

Rank says these benefits are not only a plus to merchandisers, but also to SAS’ retailer and supplier partners. “Our merchandisers are now spending less time on the tablets in-store and on administrative tasks. This translates into faster resets and even further minimizes any disruption to the in-store experience.”

As SAS is proving, advanced technology becomes smart technology when it’s combined with features that improve the in-store experience, plus analytics and insights that help retailers make smart decisions. These key points of differentiation are what SAS, and Daymon as a whole, believes are essential to deliver best-in-class results for its retailer and supplier partners.

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