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From Jim’s Desk: A Letter from the CEO


Nothing Is One Size Fits All Anymore

The very definition of the word personalization means to design what you are doing to meet the needs of an individual. For retailers and brands accustomed to providing customers with items in mass, it may be daunting to think of personalization on a large scale for its customers.

Retailers are in a place where they are faced with razor thin margins, and the pressure to effectively personalize to keep shoppers coming back. While the practice of personalization isn’t new, it’s now becoming necessary for survival.

From innovative approaches to categories (I talk about Beauty Foods and breaking category stereotypes in my latest column online) to pricing, which we talk about in this month’s Market Watch feature Retail Gets Personal on page 6, shoppers expect you to customize. We’ve got a panel of experts that are the best in the industry-from within Daymon and beyond-who give great insight on the best way to approach personalized pricing.

There are a few common themes to personalization that reach all aspects of retail-whether it’s the experience provided in-store, pricing strategy or category management plans:

  • Don’t look at your approach as static and pre-determined. You could be stifling innovation and doing consumers a disservice.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of the active consumer.
  • Seek to understand current trends and anticipate where the consumer is headed.
  • Build your strategy to maximize those trends.

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Jim Holbrook
Chief Executive Officer