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Retail Execution: Merchandising Solutions Help Retailers Keep Up with the Competition

No retailer is immune from the changing forces impacting the retail environment today. To stay relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace—with pressure from the likes of multinational chains and online conglomerates—even regional chains are coming to rely on data-driven solutions. That’s what one Colorado-based natural foods retail chain was looking for when it recently teamed up with Daymon’s retail execution arm, SAS Retail Services, to build and execute a new set of in-store merchandising strategies.

Prior to this partnership, the retailer had no centrally-defined schematics strategy for its over 140 stores. That lead to inconsistencies in product mixes—a frustration for shoppers, brands and the retailer alike. Through its work with Daymon’s Brand Development Team, the retailer was introduced to SAS Retail Services and quickly became interested in the dedicated merchandising programs the team has become renowned for.

After meeting with SAS Retail Services’ leadership group and learning more about the team’s business model and cutting-edge industry insights, the retailer signed on to build a dedicated, consistent and centrally-run merchandising program for all of its stores throughout the Midwest, Southwest and Western United States.

“Our vast industry experience as a dedicated merchandising services provider was an ideal match for this retailer, aligning with its need to stay competitive and relevant. Thus the perfect marriage was formed,” says Gina Pfister, Regional Vice President of Operations for SAS Retail Services.

As of June 1, 2017, SAS Retail Services now provides a host of services for the retailer, including:

  • planogram writing and implementation
  • program management
  • resets
  • promotional merchandising
  • refreshes
  • new item cut-ins
  • compliance surveys
  • reporting

These services are supported by SAS Retail Services’ industry-leading business intelligence and data warehousing system, RetailLogic™, which harnesses the power of big data and analytics to produce actionable insights that drive outstanding speed-to-shelf results. All are designed to improve the shopability of the retailer’s stores and give shoppers a consistent experience no matter what location they visit—with the ultimate goal of helping the retailer continue to grow and succeed in today’s (and tomorrow’s) evolving retail marketplace.

To learn more about SAS Retail Services’ merchandising and execution capabilities, contact Michael Bellman, President – SAS Retail Services, at