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Sales Engagement: Creative Solutions for Warm Weather Meals

As we enter the peak summer months and temperatures continue to rise, the idea of turning on the oven or stove becomes less and less appealing to most shoppers. Sales Advisors can offer a welcome alternative by providing creative ideas for warm weather meal solutions using the items they’re sampling.

1. Take advantage of fresh prepared items from the deli for a semi-homemade meal in minutes!

For example, try combining rotisserie chicken with pasta salad for a delicious one-dish meal.

2. Break out the slow cooker.

Put in ribs or a pork roast and your favorite BBQ sauce or marinade in the morning, cook on low and enjoy melt-in-your mouth goodness by dinner.

3. Try a taste of Spain with tapas—simple, savory bites you can pull together with ease.

Think pre-cut vegetables with dip, marinated olives, and a selection of your favorite smoked meats and cheeses.