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Meet the Expert: Finding Opportunities with Daymon

Caitlin Shufelberger, Senior Business Development Manager for Daymon’s consumer experience marketing team, was recently named a Rising Star in the retail industry by Progressive Grocer’s Top Women in Grocery. She was recognized for her efforts in creating countless creative marketing concepts for grocers and brands, and for helping to launch the company’s newest Brands2Desk programs. This month, Retail News Insider sat down with her to find out more about how she identifies opportunities like these.

RNI: Can you tell us a little bit about your history with Daymon?

CS: I’ve been with the company for two and a half years. Originally, I was brought on to help manage a specific QSR account that needed focused attention. Once the project came to completion, I transitioned to more of a business development role across all customers, drumming up new business and helping to drive growth through existing clients. One of the things I appreciate most about Interactions is the opportunity for growth—the more you’re willing to take on, the more opportunity there is.

RNI: Finding and developing opportunities is also a key part of your current job. How do you go about it?

CS: There are a lot of opportunities that come through our other Daymon business units. For example, if our Brand Development team hears of an opportunity where one of our retail partners is in need of ongoing marketing assistance, or they’re opening new stores or launching new products, they will reach out to our team for support. For other services like our new Brands2Desk program, we are leveraging our entire client base to offer a unique way to reach at-work consumers. We’re always working closely with our clients to identify new opportunities to help them raise the bar and remain competitive.

RNI: Why do you think it’s important to continue innovating and raising the bar when it comes to experiential events?

CS: While we’ve become more technologically advanced as a society, there’s nothing that can replace the human connection. Developing creative solutions and finding meaningful, unique ways to reach consumers is the best way for retailers and brands—and for us—to stay competitive.