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Bringing Brand Engagement to the Workplace

You’re sitting at your desk working away when suddenly you hear rousing voices coming from the break room. Is it someone’s birthday? Are colleagues descending on leftovers from a meeting? Even better—it’s a Brands2Desk promotion! A newly launched service from Daymon’s consumer experience team, Brands2Desk takes all the excitement of a sampling event right into […]

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Consumer Experience Marketing: Making a Big Impression in Small Formats

Around the globe, populations are becoming more urbanized, family sizes are shrinking and consumers are facing more competing demands on their time than ever before. As a result, convenience has become the order of the day—and retail formats are following suit. Gone are the days of sprawling hypermarkets with their seemingly endless aisles popping up […]

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Consumer Experience Marketing: Revving Up the Brand Experience

Why limit brand engagement to the four walls of your store when you can take it on the road to where shoppers live, work and play? That’s the concept behind Advance Auto Parts’ annual mobile tour. And for 2017, they’re revving up the experience by hosting not just one but two better-than-ever mobile tours created […]

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