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Market Watch: Forgotten Shoppers—When Demographics Shift, Who Gets Left Behind?

When you think of the “typical” shopper today, what do you see? Is it a mother with a couple of children in tow, or young, fit men and women outfitted in the latest fashions? Many mainstream retailers and brands present these as their vision for the typical shopper—and they are doing so at the expense […]

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Retail Execution: Technology Advancements Drive Merchandising Efficiency and Results

Advancements in technology are everywhere in retail—including merchandising, where they’re increasingly being used to drive efficiencies and precision. SAS Retail Services (SAS), the in-store execution arm of Daymon, has always been on the leading edge of using technology to deliver real-time merchandising updates and insights. But now the company is taking it to the next […]

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From the Front Lines: The Manager’s Guide to Success

Individual tips for success from Sales Advisors and Brand Ambassadors often vary depending on what types of programs they work on and who their customers are. We wondered—what do our supervisors and account managers, who have a broader view of the business, think it takes to succeed on the front lines? “First and foremost, they […]

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