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Wearables Driving Change in Retail; Precision Wellness Series – Part 1

How consumers view health and wellness is changing—shifting from a reactive to a proactive culture. No longer is the sole focus on treating disease. Today, consumers seek preventative care and alternative approaches to promote their overall health. At the same time, self-knowledge is expanding dramatically. Sophisticated data-tracking tools are becoming mainstream, enabling users to monitor […]

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Building It Right from the Start—SAS Preps for New National Retailer Program

Everyone knows that in-store experience matters—perhaps now more than ever. But what might not be as obvious to the untrained eye is just how big of an impact store layouts and on-shelf merchandising make in creating that experience. Retailers, however, are well aware of that importance—and increasingly turning to retail execution experts to ensure their […]

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Little Opinions Make a Big Difference

Back-to-school shopping is kicking into high-gear as children across the country prepare to head back to class over the next several weeks. Plenty of studies have shown that children influence household purchasing decisions. That got us wondering: just how much of a role do children play at the demonstration cart? We sat down with Sales […]

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