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Constantly Connected: Catering to the Mobile Lifestyle

By Retail News Insider If you’re one of the over 175 million Americans who uses a smartphone, chances are you’re living the mobile lifestyle. What exactly does that mean? In technical terms, the mobile lifestyle is defined as a way of life that’s been shaped by the advent of mobile devices and mobility, which have […]

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Taking Romance Beyond Roses

When you think of Valentine’s Day, red roses, heart-shaped chocolates and shiny jewelry may come to mind. As the second biggest gift-giving holiday after Christmas, it’s true that some shoppers do focus on romantic presents for their loved ones; however, many also turn their sights toward more practical and non-traditional gifts. Perhaps owing in part […]

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Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Did the New Year bring a new job for you as a Sales Advisor? If so, congratulations! We know any new job can be challenging at first, but we’re committed to helping you succeed. With that in mind, we reached out to 10-year veteran Sales Advisor Nell Roe to get her tips on putting your […]

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