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The World of Big Data: Reshaping the Retail Landscape

Welcome to 2013—the year in which retailers and manufacturers work together to leverage the wealth of available data to drive sales and achieve goals that were unimaginable just 10 years ago. Today our industry is in the midst of a knowledge revolution where we face the choice of embracing Big Data to stay relevant, competitive […]

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Selling the Super Bowl

According to Neilsen Wire, over 100 million people watch the Super Bowl every year, spending nearly $700 million on snacks like chips, popcorn, crackers and nuts alone —not to mention other party staples like beverages, dips and wings. “The Super Bowl drives a huge amount of business,” says Jeff Specht, Vice President of Marketing for […]

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Engaging Shoppers in the Post-Holiday Slowdown

After the holidays, shoppers can sometimes feel “all shopped out.” So how do you get them interested in the product you’re selling? This month, Sales Advisor Shari Brian gives us her advice for doing just that. Shari’s first tip is to pay special attention to your display. For a recent event, she decorated with pumpkins […]

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