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Tech Talk: The (R)Evolution of In-Store Events

By Retail News Insider From personalized coupons to self-checkout to mobile wallets, there’s no denying that technology is changing the way consumers shop. But to date, the adoption and buildup of technology amongst grocery, general merchandise and other traditionally “lower-tech” sectors has been somewhat slow. And in many cases, the use of services offered by […]

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Perking Up Post-Holiday Sales

After the mad dash of the holiday shopping season, many consumers feel “all shopped out” and are less eager to try new things. As a result, sales are traditionally lower in January—a natural decline from the November and December highs, which account for up to 40 percent of yearly retail sales, according to the National […]

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Bringing Out the Benefits

Many have identified Millennials (consumers in their teens through early 30s) as the “me” generation, always looking for what benefits them personally in a particular situation. But when it comes to shopping, consumers of all generations look for the “what’s in it for me” reason to buy any new product. According to Sales Advisor Roberta […]

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