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Boosting the Bottom Line with Big Data-Driven Merchandising

“We continue to see an increasing focus on Big Data. It drives a lot of critical components, from routing and billing to tracking and reporting. It’s a huge priority for us.” –Nick Mills, Senior Vice President for SAS Retail Services By Retail News Insider Big Data—the virtual flood of information being collected from in-store and […]

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Starting the New Year Off Right

The holidays are over, but for many, the evidence of the festivities still sits on their waistlines or in the number on the scale. So it’s little surprise that eating healthier and getting into shape are consumers’ top New Year’s resolutions year after year, according to market research firm Nielsen. Sales Advisors can help consumers […]

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Give It Your Best—Every Day

For Lead Sales Advisor Chris Shanko, an eight-year veteran of Interactions, the secret to successful selling lies in engaging customers. “I just make an effort to do my best at every event,” she says. “If you focus on making the customer happy and helping everybody have a good time, you can’t go wrong.” Connecting with […]

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