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A Global Outlook

Over the past few issues you have learned about the various domestic accounts that Daymon Interactions has, but you may not know that we also operate internationally. This month, as we celebrate America and our country’s 236th anniversary, I thought it would be interesting to share with you a little bit about how our international […]

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Sales Tips

Let Your Personality Shine We all know how important it is to know the product attributes when you are executing an event, but it is also important to have a sparkling personality. This month’s Sales Tip comes from Jahwana Thomas of Pennsylvania, who gives us the scoop on letting your personality shine. [ It is […]

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Forget the Fireworks: Your Smile is the Key to Making Sales Explode!

As we approach one of biggest food-spending holidays this season, we thought it would be a good idea to go back to some customer service basics. Most people, when asked what they appreciate the most about in-person interactions say, “They smile at me right away” A smile is a universally understood gesture that knows no […]

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