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There’s an App for That—How Technology Is Influencing the In-Store Experience

By Retail News Insider From the moment you even think about going to a store, whether you realize it or not, technology is increasingly playing a part in your retail journey. That’s because rather than sitting by and losing consumers to online marketplaces, innovative brick-and-mortar stores have risen to the challenge and are using similar […]

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Bring Home the Thrill of the Grill

This month, over 150 million people will celebrate the Fourth of July with a barbeque, picnic or cookout—spending an estimated $6.2 million on burgers, hot dogs and other grilling favorites, according to the National Retail Federation. That spending will continue throughout the month as the 80 percent of consumers who own a grill continue to […]

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Stay Focused from Start to Finish

According to Sales Advisor Eric Porter, keeping a sharp focus on your setup and selling points is the key to executing successful events from start to finish. The first step, says Eric, is scouting out the store to find an ideal location in the store to execute your event. “I’m always looking for the right […]

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