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Social Media Marketing: Harnessing the Power of the People

Though social networking is often seen as a somewhat frivolous, leisure-time activity, the reality is that the hundreds of millions of social media connections that occur on these sites every day represent significant potential opportunities for retailers and CPGs to make—or lose—customers. The meteoric rise of the integration of social media into our daily lives […]

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Celebrating National Dairy Month

We often talk about turning your events into celebrations, and in June, you’ve got an excuse to celebrate all month long! June is National Dairy Month, and with dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream representing over $37 billion in retail sales each year, it’s a good bet you’ll see some dairy items […]

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Cultivating Relationships to Capture Sales

As we’ve learned from the previous features on Marketing to Millennials and Combating Showrooming, shoppers today crave personal engagement. This month, five-year veteran Sales Advisor Bruce Doig gives us his tips for engaging customers on a personal level to cultivate relationships that capture sales. “I try to break the ice with [shoppers] by making conversation […]

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