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Retail Gets Personal—From Products to Pricing, It’s All About Customization

Demography is dead. Demand is fragmenting. The conventions around categories are being abandoned. Marketing to the masses, or even the majority, is no longer enough to guarantee success. Consumers are demanding ever greater personalization, while at the same time their needs and preferences are growing increasingly diverse. No matter the product, selling to this fragmented […]

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Bringing Brand Engagement to the Workplace

You’re sitting at your desk working away when suddenly you hear rousing voices coming from the break room. Is it someone’s birthday? Are colleagues descending on leftovers from a meeting? Even better—it’s a Brands2Desk promotion! A newly launched service from Daymon’s consumer experience team, Brands2Desk takes all the excitement of a sampling event right into […]

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A Passion for Customer Service—and Fun!

What do law enforcement, sales, bartending and administrative work have in common? If you ask Field Manager Theresa Green, she’ll tell you they all involve providing good customer service—one of the key factors that drew her to working with Interactions. Green says she initially became interested in the role of Brand Ambassador about three and […]

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