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In-Store Tracking: Personalization Innovation or Privacy Invasion?

By Retail News Insider More than three-quarters of consumers don’t trust what you are doing with their information. At least that’s the case if you’re one of the many retailers today using in-store tracking to gather information about shoppers and to target sales and promotions. According to consumer survey firm OpinionLab, 77 percent of consumers […]

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Kicking Off the Flavors of Summer

When you think of Memorial Day, what comes to mind? A parade filled with American flags? A barbeque in your backyard? Time spent with friends and family? While partly a somber holiday for remembering those who died for our country, Memorial Day also marks the unofficial start of summer. As a Sales Advisor, you can […]

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Prepared, Proud and Persistent—Three Keys to Selling Success

As a former Sales and Lead Advisor, Event Coordinator Katrina Parker knows a thing or two about successful selling. In her new role, she also helps plan events and train other Sales Advisors—giving her a unique perspective on the overall front line team experience. This month, she shares some of her tips for ensuring professional […]

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