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Next Stop—The Future of Consumer Engagement

By Retail News Insider Historically, retailers and CPGs have focused on advertising and marketing efforts that helped them spread their messages to consumers. Think billboards, sales flyers, TV commercials and one-size-fits-all loyalty programs. Given that they ran the environment, retailers and CPGs naturally thought they were the ones who were in control of influencing buying […]

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Capturing Consumers’ Attention Outside the Store

Interactions has made a name for itself by creating events that engage with consumers in the very stores where they shop. But just as buying decisions don’t take place solely in the aisles, opportunities to connect with consumers aren’t limited to the in-store space. In kind, Interactions has developed a number of programs and services […]

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Bringing Events to Life

Curious how the events Interactions is renowned for are developed? This month, two of Interactions’ in-house associates give us the inside scoop. “It all starts with research,” says Ryan Dee, Business Development and Creative Senior Account Executive. “After our initial conversation with a retailer, we start researching the community the event is going to be […]

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