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Personalized Marketing: Using Technology and Data to Customize the In-Store Experience

By Retail News Insider If the importance of personalization hasn’t hit you yet, consider this your wake up call. “Not only do I like getting offers that are personalized just for me, I expect it. I don’t want to be bothered with ads from retailers who don’t know my preferences. If you’re sending me offers […]

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Giving Thanks for Your Customers

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away and the official holiday shopping season starting the very next day (or even late Thanksgiving night!), it’s the start of a very busy time in the retail world. There will be lots of promotions for Sales Advisors to play up on to capture customers’ attention and boost sales, […]

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Success is in the Details

As a former Sales Advisor recently turned Event Coordinator, Dorie DenBesten understands in-store events inside and out. From her perspective, the secret to success comes down to paying attention to the details from the moment you start your shift to the very end. “Start with a well-organized cart,” says Dorie. “Make sure you have everything […]

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