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What Do Shoppers Really Want?

By Retail News Insider In the retail industry, there’s a seemingly endless amount of research on everything from trends in food and fashion to consumer behaviors and preferences. Using strategic survey, shopper loyalty and other data, analysts are able to provide valuable insights to retailers and brands. Just as valuable is the direct feedback that […]

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Putting a Twist on Thanksgiving Classics

Roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, traditional pumpkin pie—these are the classic flavors of Thanksgiving. They’re what everyone wants, right? Well, in fact, our experiential marketing experts have found that one of the best ways to engage shoppers is to introduce them to new flavors that put a twist on familiar favorites. Here are some […]

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Surviving the Holiday Rush

The holidays are fast approaching, which means bigger crowds in the store, more samples to prepare and more promotions competing for shoppers’ attention. With 10 holiday seasons under her belt, we asked Lead Sales Advisor Fran Perciful for her tips on surviving the holiday rush and keeping shoppers engaged. To start, Perciful reminds us of […]

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