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The Store Is Here to Stay—How Traditional Retailers Are Thriving in the Digital Age

By Retail News Insider “Five Trends Driving Traditional Retail Toward Extinction” —Forbes “Retail Stores Will Completely Die, Says Tech Investor” —Business Insider “Is brick and mortar retail in a death spiral?”—Fortune Your favorite stores are going to close. Not really, but as the headlines above show, that’s what some retail insiders would have you believe. […]

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Celebrate the Culinary Adventure of Oktoberfest!

Move over Halloween—you’re not the only October holiday that calls for celebration. Oktoberfest originated as a two-week folk festival held in Germany, where the country’s culture, food and beer are celebrated. Today, similar festivals are celebrated around the world in late September and early October, and many retailers and CPGs feature German cuisine all month […]

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Four Steps to Selling Success

After 13 years of working in-store sampling events (four of which have been with Interactions), Lead Sales Advisor Sherry Schuler has it down to a science. This month, we share her steps for selling success. To start, Schuler likes to dress up her cart a bit to capture customers’ attention. “I work with the store’s […]

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