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What Happens When Retailers Get Political?

These days, it doesn’t take long for a retailer or brand to become embroiled in political controversy. As politicians dance around the issues they are elected to address, more and more brands and retailers are taking a hard stance and making their opinions heard. Just last week, Nike made the bold move to issue a statement […]

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Sourcing in the 21st Century—Part 2: The Rise of Responsible Co-Sourcing

As Daymon’s Chief Sourcing Officer Vipon Kumar shared last month in the first installment of this two-part series, the adversarial sourcing models developed in the late 20th century are quickly becoming incompatible with our new global economic and retail realities. This month, Kumar shares where he believes the industry is headed—and how retailers and suppliers […]

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Knowledge Is Power

Shoppers today expect more than a great selection of products when they go into the store—they want an elevated experience. And while exciting grand opening events and flashy holiday parties will of course grab shoppers’ attention, the day-to-day interactions with friendly, knowledge Sales Advisors also goes a long way to building long-term loyalty. That’s what […]

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