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The Power to Predict—Precision Wellness Series Part 2

Delivering Solutions Based on Shoppers’ Health Needs From user-provided preferences to biomarker and DNA data, food and wellness retailers and brands can now anticipate which foods and products shoppers need to maintain health and wellness. In making customized recommendations, retailers and brands can further tap into shoppers’ growing demand for personalization and cement their position […]

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Selling Sustainability—The Role of Fair Trade in Private Brands

The writing is on the wall: the future of private brands lies not in me-too national brand equivalents or fast-follower products, but in innovation, differentiation and authenticity. At the same time, customers are increasingly seeking products that promote environmental sustainability and align with their own moral values and attitudes. That presents a clear opportunity for […]

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A Peek Behind the Scenes

When someone’s representing your brand, you want them to make customers feel comfortable and welcome. That’s exactly the type of rapport Sales Advisor Geoffrey Wagoner creates when you speak with him. His friendly, authentic and knowledgeable demeanor shines through, no matter the topic. We recently sat down with Wagoner to find out more about his […]

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