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A Message From President Jim King

Welcome to the fourth issue of the Daymon Interactions Retail News Insider. This month, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk with you about QUEST FOR SUCCESS. You may have already heard of this program; it is a contest where all associates are challenged to create new events or cost savings for the company.

I personally am encouraging associates to use QUEST as a way to seek more efficient and intelligent growth that will set us apart from the competition and guide us into a more successful future.

It is important for us to not only drive sales, but also to do what we can to lower our expenses. This is a challenge to ourselves to work with the resources we have. While it is important to have top line growth, it is also important to do so in an efficient way.

I am asking you to commit to this program by creating new events or cost savings.

With just one idea, that turns into one entry, you could win anywhere from $250 to the $10,000 grand prize.

QUEST was created after the success of last year’s DRIVE to 75 program. Last year, DRIVE brought in nearly 30,000 entries from employees around the world. We gave away $50,000 in prizes, and entries ranged from approaching store management for additional events, to saving the company money through a variety of ways. For example, one of our Retail Managers submitted, and won, for her plan to switch e-fax providers. This one idea is saving just one account more than $600 per month, and it was implemented to other accounts that were able to realize the savings as well.

To begin, take your idea to your manager who will determine if it can be tested and implemented. If your idea results in new events being executed or at least $25 in cost savings, then your manager will submit an entry for you.

Remember, all it takes is one. With just one idea, that turns into one entry, you could win anywhere from $250 to the $10,000 grand prize.

I was very pleased with the level of engagement from our worldwide associates last year, and look forward to even more participation this year. I encourage you to look at Yammer as a collaborative tool to share how you saved the Company money or how you created more events. Remember, when one of us does better, we all do better.

See the article in this month’s issue for more ideas and details on how to enter.

I thank you all for your hard work and I am looking forward to a bright year for Daymon Interactions.

Jim King