Post Categories: June 2012

Operational Performance – Innovation – Business Relationships

An event company’s threshold for future development lies with the standards they set for themselves. EMI continues to focus on three key measures of growth; operational performance, innovation and relationships.

EMI’s ability to hold retail event performances in high regard starts with ensuring we hire and develop Sales Advisors that are capable of engaging customers in a manner that drives sales and enhances the the shopper experience. Our operational standards for event performance and consistency are upheld through communication and effective training.

Innovation and how we drive solutions for Meijer is paramount. EMI provides solutions for the business and continues to look at how we can deliver an additional impact on sales. We continue developing new strategies that make us first in being relevant to Meijer needs.

Recently EMI has taken major steps in strengthening relationships with our vendor/CPG partners. We recognize the importance of understanding their business needs and opportunities. This knowledge enables our team to improve the communication and planning capabilities with our CPG partners.

In the months ahead, we will be looking at exciting business growth through new program expansion for the upcoming summer season, developments for new business through innovation and expanding our collaboration with vendor and CPG leadership.

Thank you to all of our dedicated team members who make our high standards for future growth achievable.