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Spring Renewal

david-deborahAccording to the calendar, spring is finally here. Even though there still might be a chill in the air, we are incredibly excited for this time of year. All winter we’ve anticipated the warmer temperatures, the sounds of spring and the freshness of budding trees and flowers. This time of year presents an opportunity to look at our business with an eye for renewal as well. We are always looking at new ideas and business opportunities to keep our value proposition fresh and exciting to our retailer and vendor customers.

The process of renewing and continually improving our business is a team effort. In the book “Our Iceberg Is Melting,” the story of a group of penguins and their changing environment teaches us how inspired thinking brings about solutions for a necessary change for the better. As our own ice melts away, we all need to look at how we can make the right changes to improve our business here at Interactions. Whether it’s a Sales Advisor noticing that we are not organized in the back room area and taking the initiative to address this situation, or a member of the outside sales team looking for a better way to communicate event attributes to vendors—each person can make a difference. We are a people-driven organization and each and every one of you is important.

Your efforts clearly shine the brightest on the sales floor. With the nicer spring weather also comes increased activity in stores as customers start to come out of their winter “hibernation.” This is a Sales Advisor’s time to shine. Your ability to interact directly with customers has a major influence on buying decisions and is what helps set us apart in an industry where many others have struggled to keep up with shoppers’ demands for personalized experiences. So take a moment to review and possibly refresh your approach to events. Do all you can to give shoppers a warm welcome and best-in-class experience that keeps them coming back for more.

On the operations side of things, we are also working to freshen up what we do and how we get it done. We know that delivering customers the best experience starts with hiring the best talent and providing direction, organization and training for our teams. It is our focus to provide that support to our teams, and to effectively communicate the company’s goals and objectives to ensure that all are in alignment.

The right team, new ideas, leadership, assertiveness and business improvements will all bring about a spring renewal. We look forward to your contributions and wish you a pleasant spring.

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