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Delivering Quality Consumer Experiences—Every Location, Every Time

presenterIn this month’s feature article, we investigate the world of omnichannel retailing and what it means for retailers and brands. Basically, omnichannel is all about creating a seamless, consistent experience for the customer—in stores, online and everywhere in between. On the surface, you may wonder why this is such a big deal. Isn’t just having a website and a mobile app and being on Facebook and Twitter enough? Turns out, maybe not. The numbers show that delivering an integrated omnichannel experience can result in significant increases in customer spending over simple multichannel retailing. It’s clear to me that omnichannel is the future for retailers and brands. And it’s something that we’re ready and excited to support, through both our in-store marketing services and our analytics capabilities, as our retailers and brand partners move to omnichannel solutions.

Continuing on the theme of delivering consistent, quality experiences, a tip from one of our long-time Lead Sales Advisors in this month’s “From the Front Lines” column brings this point home for associates at every level. She reminds us that there is no “that’s not my job” in retail—and that doing our best to help meet the customer’s needs, regardless of their scope, ultimately yields rewards for the retailer, the brand and the employee. This can sometimes be easy to forget, but it’s a valuable lesson for all of us to keep in mind as we go through our day-to-day work.

Also in this month’s issue, we explore how Sales Advisors can pull in back-to-school shoppers to capture part of this over $80 billion seasonal market, and we take a look at trends and headlines that are affecting the retail industry around the globe.

As always, be sure to check out the back cover for our “By the Numbers” feature and this month’s “Taste of the Season”—a simple muffin recipe that combines kids’ favorite peanut butter and jelly flavors with healthy ingredients for an easy, nutritious school-day breakfast.

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