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Proper Engagement, Closing the Sale & Adjusting to the Digital Age

david-prostkoSeptember is one of the busiest months for Elite Marketing Interactions (EMI). As we move into this eventful time of year, it remains critical for all of you, our Trusted Advisors, to continue to execute events in the consistent, high-quality manner that represents our standards. We want to remind each of you about some of the key elements that lead to being a successful Trusted Advisor: proper engagement, closing the sale and adjusting to the digital age.

As you know, it is not the job of the customer to approach the event cart, but your job as a Trusted Advisor to attract them to the cart. It is vital that you focus on providing proper customer engagement throughout all of the events you are executing. No matter where an event station is located within Meijer stores, be sure to engage customers by giving them a warm “Welcome to Meijer.” Even though Meijer employees greet shoppers at the entrance of the store, it’s still important for our Trusted Advisors to acknowledge shoppers again as they approach the service we are providing inside the store.

It’s also important to remember that our mission is to provide a marketing service with the intent of improving sales through promotional product trial. This is only possible when you, our Trusted Advisors, focus on both providing high-quality product interaction and closing the sale. It all starts with the confidence of assuming you are going to sell the product you are demonstrating to every single shopper you interact with. Then you use enthusiastic selling points to help intrigue shoppers. Finally, and most importantly, you focus on closing the sale and getting the shoppers to take the product home with them.

emi-imgIn the months ahead, there will be many new and exciting developments becoming available as we grow alongside our customer, Meijer. As Meijer becomes more focused on adjusting to the digital age, we at EMI are proactively taking the necessary steps to ensure that we do so as well. We have implemented several new processes that have successfully made event execution more efficient, convenient and interactive, but we have only hit the tip of the iceberg. Soon we will be introducing exciting new ways to utilize today’s technology to enhance the Meijer shopping experience. We encourage you to take an active role in learning and using these new technologies so you can better serve Meijer and its customers. We also encourage you to share any new ideas or services that can be applied to drive our business forward through mobile devices and the digital world.

All of us at EMI would like to thank you for your dedicated efforts. It is because of these efforts that we are confident we will continue to deliver the high-quality service Meijer has come to expect throughout the busy month of September—and beyond.

Best regards,