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Editor’s Corner: Masters of Innovation


If you think about it, anyone who works in the retail world has to be an innovator. From the CPGs creating new items to the retail product managers buying them to the associates adding them to shelves, there comes a time when everyone has to think on the fly and come up with a unique and effective solution to some sort of issue. And while it may not seem like those small innovations have a major effect on the retail experience, the truth is—when they add up, they most certainly can.

That’s what we’ve seen happening over the last few years with retail technologies. At first, only a few retailers had an app or were using Big Data to target their advertising efforts. Then more retailers joined in. And now many consumers are beginning to adopt new behaviors in response to the latest technology innovations—setting the stage for fundamental change in the retail experience. One of the most fascinating things about this whole process is that many of the companies paving the way here aren’t giant retail leaders, but small technology startups. This month’s Market Watch feature gives you a look at a few of those startups and how experts say they’re driving real retail change.

As always, we have more tips and information to help you do your own innovating—from finding new ways to capitalize on Halloween to learning how fair trade products can help mainstream retailers boost sales.

I hope you find this issue informative and enjoyable.

All the best,

Kelly Short