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Surveying the damage after the 2014 Napa Valley earthquake

SAS Steps Up to Help with Napa Quake Recovery

Early on a Sunday morning in late August, a 6.0 earthquake hit Northern California and the Napa Valley region. Two Lucky stores in the city of Napa suffered moderate to severe damage, with products knocked on the floor, shelves and shelving units displaced and ceiling tiles broken. The local SAS team who regularly services the stores jumped into action, calling on nearby teams to help clean up the stores and get them back up and running.

Local SAS area supervisors Jennifer Hoffman, Atheana Marshall and Cheyenne Vandal coordinated the cleanup effort. SAS associates from around the region, including Linda and Larry Puluzzi, Sherry Flores, David Pinard, John Stafford, Uriel Johnson, Tanya Solar, Steven Trant, Erin Lockhart and Israel Garcia, responded to the call within just a few hours of the earthquake—some even braving closed roads to get to the damaged stores. Together they worked to move shelving units back into place, clean up undamaged products and return them to the shelves, and replenish shelves to replace the numerous bottles, jars and boxes that were broken.

With SAS’ help, one of the Lucky stores was able to reopen the same day as the earthquake and the other the following afternoon, beating the competition and helping local shoppers begin to get back to a sense of normalcy. The Lucky/Save Mart/Food Maxx leadership team was especially grateful for SAS’ assistance and ongoing partnership, noting “This just goes to prove that when you have a great team there is no competition!”