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The SAS team at Schnucks working hard—and having fun!

SAS Launches New Program for Schnucks

On March 30, SAS began a new venture with Schnucks, a top grocery retailer based out of St. Louis, MO. This relationship has been in in the making for many years, and the program is off to a great start. Currently, the dedicated team consists of both a remodel team and an in-store execution (ISE) team. The ISE team has over 100 associates who visit nearly 100 stores on a weekly basis, executing category resets, new item cut-ins and surveys. The remodel team has over 20 associates who will travel anywhere there is a Schnucks and have already completed three different remodels in Roscoe, IL; Affton, MO; and Fairview, IL.

In support of this large undertaking, many people need to be recognized for their contributions to the success: Sharon Youngkrantz for an excellent job with initial and continual recruitment; Tom Dennis for providing a great foundation and continual assistance; and Matt Rank, David Forman and their teams for their continual support driving the analytics, reporting and execution.

We’d also like to thank Pat Terry and Jerry Specht for flying into town to help train our new associates; Miffany St. Clair and Tami Miller for their team’s support on the remodels; Kathi Caruso, Gina Pfister and Jerry Specht for mentoring our supervisors; Tina Darmstadt, Angie Berry and Arlene Castillo for their continual support; and Paul Pamatmat, Katrinna Gonzales and Abhi Beniwal for their assistance with IT support, training and development. Last but not least, we’d like to recognize the SAS management team for Schnucks—Elizabeth King (Program Coordinator), Nancy McCoy (Logistics and Training Specialist), and Jeane Bauer, Deb Ufert, Craig Doner and Robert Buckner (supervisors).

Thank you again to all of the SAS team members from across the country who came together to provide the guidance, training and development that has allowed this launch to be a major success!

Steve Harry, SAS Regional Vice President
Andy Hemmer, Program Manager