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SAS Launches New Raley’s ISE and Remodel Programs

To All SAS Associates,

I am pleased to announce the startup for the new in-store execution and remodel programs in the Raley’s chain based in Northern California and Northern Nevada. The Raley’s In-Store Execution (RISE) and remodel programs cover all 114 Raley’s stores under 3 banner names: Raley’s, Nob Hill Foods and Bel Air Markets. The partnership started in June and SAS is already receiving positive feedback from Raley’s.

Moving to a program run by SAS was a big cultural and directional move for family-owned Raley’s, who previously ran their own program. By using our company values and sharing the positive results from our work across the country, SAS was able to show how the RISE program could deliver efficiencies resulting in financial benefits and superior in-store execution.

This has truly been a team effort from the start. I would like to thank many SAS managers and supervisors for the successful start of this launch, including Jeff Specht for all of the work he put into the startup; Bob Darcey for his market knowledge in mapping the teams and hiring; and Atheana Marshall for assisting with hiring and wearing many different operational hats to make the pre-launch a success.

I would like to introduce our Raley’s team that will be the driving force for the program: Gilbert Alvarez is the RISE program manager and comes to SAS from Raley’s with 35 years as a store manager. Cory Jones is the RISE data analyst and an SAS veteran. Dee Crain is the Remodel Coordinator and David Lyons is the Remodel Supervisor; both have years of experience working the Raley’s remodel program. Atheana Marshall (an SAS veteran) and Linda Wagner (who has vast experience with Raley’s and the Northern California market) are our RISE field supervisors who will be responsible for managing, hiring and training all team members.

I would also like to acknowledge the many other California supervisors for their assistance during the first weeks of the program. This launch has been a great example that when our company values “See it. Own it. Solve it. Do it.” are followed, success will follow.

Again my thanks to everyone,


Pete Kalin